Welcome to the website of the Dead Man’s Treasure Hunt. Every year a group of us gather to tour locations that have featured in classic British television series of the 60’s and 70’s. The event takes place over a summer weekend with a guided location tour concentrating on one specific area taking place on the Saturday, which usually involves informing attendees of the history of the venue involved as well as how it featured on screen. The Sunday takes the form of the treasure hunt as featured in The Avengers episode Dead Man’s Treasure, whereby participants are given a series of clues and codes which directs them to public places in order to gain further information as to the next location and ultimately, the finish line and the Dead man’s Treasure.





This site is indebted to many people without whom the Dead Man’s Treasure Hunt wouldn’t be possible, but in particular to Anthony McKay for his tireless work over the years in searching for locations and maintaining the online database, a feat all the more remarkable considering he now lives on the other side of the world.

Mike Richardson for having the original idea


Andrew Pixley

Annette Hill

Andrew Staton

Stephen McKay

Chris Bentley

Chris Gabb

Julie Cartwright

Gary Whittaker

Duncan McGregor

Ian Fryer

Jackie Dear

Sam Denham


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